60th Rotary Auction Training, August 17, 2015

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Pictured here are Nancy Ketch and Bob Blanchette just after their training session for the upcoming 60th Rotary Auction to be on TV and Radio the week of Thanksgiving on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. They have a fine tuned process preparing for the big fund raising event that has become a tradition in the area. Members will be canvasing for items to be donated by local businesses in the next few weeks. Matthew Nightingale is having committee meetings preparing for all aspects of the fund raising event. He can be reached at 521-3200, ext. 11011. Nancy is also available for questions in the donor card process and collection and storage of donated items at 521-7250 or email at nketch64@gmail.com.


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The Houlton Rotary Club has declared this year’s Radio & TV Auction a huge success.  The 57th annual auction brought in a gross of over $57,000 which is a 14% increase over last year.  According to club president Ryan Bushey, “This is the biggest auction we’ve experienced in recent years.  Our thanks go out to all of the donors for their items and the public who called in and bid.  They are the people that truly make the auction the success that it has been for these 57 years.”

After expenses are paid, the funds will be disbursed to a variety of charities and causes selected by the club with the major recipient being the Just For Kids Playground.  The playground project will receive $12,500.00 towards new equipment.  This is the 3rd time in recent years that the playground has been a recipient of auction funds.

The Dominican Water Project will receive $5,000 while $2,000 will go to Backpacks for Kids project and the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum will get $1,500 toward their computerized cataloging system.  Other beneficiaries of the auction include the Salvation Army, Dollars For Scholars at Houlton, Hodgdon, Southern Aroostook, East Grand and GHCA, Cary Library, Student Recognition Project, Rotary Youth Exchange and paint for the Boy and the Boot statue.

In addition to the bidding on the items, the Rotary Club raises money through the auction from selling ads in the supplement, sponsorships and from selling tickets for $500 in fuel from Dead River Company.  The winner of the fuel this year is Paul Graham.  In addition, three Boy & the Boot Statues were sold for the Houlton Regional Health Services Foundation with each representing a $1,000 donation to the foundation.

The auction attracts listeners and bidders from near and far with many people tuning in from all around the country on the Internet.  And, those coming home for the holidays tune in or stop by the auction to visit family and friends.  Lori Weston, Auction Chair, said, “I heard comments from many in the community who recognize the tradition of the Houlton Rotary Auction.  They enjoy the excitement and want to be a part of it while helping out a good cause.”

The Radio & TV Auction is the major fundraiser for the Houlton Rotary Club and the success of the auction allows the club to fund many worthwhile projects.  The club extends its thanks to all who helped in the success of the event.  Bushey concluded by saying, “This auction would not be possible each year without the continued support of our local businesses and artisans and our generous bidders.  Please remember to shop locally to support the businesses that support our community.”

Fuel Oil Raffle “Heats up” for Rotary Auction

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Don’t miss your chance to win $500 of #2 Fuel Oil donated by Dead River Company. Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be held on air Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012, during the last night of Houlton Rotary’s 3-night 57th annual auction. Go to http://www.houltonrotary.org/current-members for a list of Houlton Rotary members from whom you can purchase raffle tickets. Proceeds from this year’s auction will go towards the Just For Kids Playground project to upgrade the playground equipment at Community Park, the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum, Dollars For Scholars (Houlton, Hodgdon, Southern Aroostook, East Grand & GHCA), Cary Library, Salvation Army, Houlton Little League, Student Recognition Day and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Some funds will also be used in the Dominican Water Project where local Rotarians will travel to the Dominican Republic to install water filters in early 2013. Items are still being accepted for the Auction as add-ons. To make an “add-on” donation or for further information contact Auction Chair Lori Weston at comm.development@houlton-maine.com or Houlton Rotary President Ryan Bushey ryan.bushey@lpcorp.com.

Thanksgiving and Rotary Auction Less Than Month Away

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It’s a holiday tradition in southern Aroostook – shopping in the Rotary Auction before Thanksgiving. This year’s items range from pickles to a log cabin. There is sure to be something in the auction that someone in your home would like to receive as a gift. This year’s cabin from Ward Log Homes is the Matagamon Model valued at $12,300. It has a 20’x18’ floor plan with an 8/12-roof pitch, a 20’x6’ front port and features a convenient sleeping loft. The cabin has become an exciting feature of the annual auction as people from near and far tune in to be the successful bidder of this special item. Other major items to be featured will include an aluminum boat doc, quarry tile & vinyl tile, cedar fencing, a snow blower, an entertainment center, a 50” TV, fire wood, an E-reader, a Dyson vacuum, a Gator ride-on toy, etc.

The proceeds of this year’s auction will benefit the club’s major project, the Just For Kids Playground project to upgrade the playground equipment at Community Park. Other projects that will benefit from the Auction proceeds include the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum, Dollars For Scholars (Houlton, Hodgdon, Southern Aroostook, East Grand & GHCA), Cary Library, Salvation Army, Houlton Little League, Student Recognition Day and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Some funds will also be used in the Dominican Water Project where local Rotarians will travel to the Dominican Republic to install water filters in early 2013.
Items are still being accepted for the auction as add-ons. To make an “add-on item” donation or for further information contact Auction Chair Lori Weston at comm.development@houlton-maine.com or Houlton Rotary President Ryan Bushey ryan.bushey@lpcorp.com .

What’s in it for YOU?

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Many individuals and businesses donate to the Houlton Rotary Auction for charitable reasons and because it seems like the right thing to do,  but it is also an excellent way to enhance your marketing and the consumer awareness of your product or service.  The Auction will be carried on WHOU radio,  Polaris Cable, and the Internet every evening, November 19 – 21, 2012.  Your donation(s) will be listed in the Houlton Pioneer Times supplement the week prior to the Auction.  Your item(s) may be featured every evening and given special exposure on television or the Internet.  There is probably no better way to “test market” a product or an idea than through the Rotary Auction. If you usually donate, you already know the value of the Auction, but if you have never participated and would like to, contact Auction chair Lori Weston at comm.development@houlton-maine.com or Rotary president Ryan Bushey   ryan.bushey@lpcorp.com  .

Auction Starts Tonight!

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The 55th Rotary Auction starts tonight!  Monday, November 22, 2010.  Please be sure to tune in to Houlton Channel 13 or WHOU 100.1 FM for over $60,000 of merchandise!  6 PM to 10:30 PM.

55th Annual Auction

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The 55th Annual Houlton Rotary Radio & TV Auction will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.  The event will air from 6:00-10:30pm each night on WHOU Radio 100.1 FM and on Houlton Cable Channel 13. The auction is held at Watson Hall at the Episcopal Church on Main Street and the public is welcome to attend.

The auction is the major annual fundraiser for the Houlton Rotary Club.  A supplement detailing the auction items for each half hour, special items, phone numbers and store room hours appeared in the November 17th issue of the Houlton Pioneer Times.  The supplement sponsor for this year is Madigan Home Health Care.  The information is also available on the Internet at www.houltonrotary.org.  There will be links from the web site to view the auction live on the Internet.  Details will be provided on the site.  This year’s on-line sponsor is Houlton Water Company.

Each year, a major project or projects are funded by the Rotary Auction in addition to their many other charities.  The major projects for the 2010 auction are contributing to the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby for construction of a new building at the top of Derby Hill, contributing to Cary Library for a digital archiving project for older issues of the Houlton Pioneer Times and supporting the Riverfront Park.  Other projects that will benefit from auction proceeds are the Dollars For Scholars, Rotary Youth Exchange, Student Recognition Day and the Salvation Army.

The auction will feature a list of items for bid on each half hour (6:00-10:30 – 9 half hours per night).  Items on the half hours generally range up to $100.  Bidding on these items is only accepted during their individual half hours with the high bidder being awarded the item at the close of the half hour’s bidding.  Corporate sponsors for each night of this year’s auction are Crawford Homes, First Wind and Elm Tree Diner/Elm Tree North.

Nightly special items generally ranging between $100 and $300 are also featured.  These items may be bid on throughout a given night.  Successful bidders at the close of each night will be awarded these items.  The nightly special items include a leather jacket, coffee brewer, golf lessons, a ladder, a handcrafted children’s table with 2 chairs, sunglasses, a helmet with electric shield, half a pig, an iPod Touch, area rugs, bikes, a quilt, an art supply package, a wooden rustic bed frame, fire wood, a Colbert Report package including autographed photo, advertising packages, gift certificates and a variety of other items.

There are also 3-night special items, which will be featured throughout the auction and this year range up to $11,800.  The 3-night specials this year include a 18’X24′ camp package from Ward Log Homes, a student built playhouse, a pellet stove, a Bison pump, snow blowers, chainsaws, hardwood flooring, an entertainment center, a computer work station, a Soap Box Derby car kit, a Suzuki helmet, an ice auger, fencing, area rugs, a settee combo, a 9 piece queen-size comforter ensemble, LSL lumber, a man’s watch, 100 gallons of fuel oil, a kayak, sanding & refinishing of a hardwood floor and a Boy & the Boot picture.  The successful bidders at the close of bidding on Wednesday evening will be awarded these items.

The retail value of the items donated by area businesses and individuals is nearly $60,000 and add-on items are still coming in.  Add-on items can be contributed by contacting a Rotarian.  For this year’s auction, the retail values for all items as listed in the auction supplement have been rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Bids can be made for any items by calling the Rotary Auction room at 521-0086.  Those outside the local area but in state may call toll free at 1-866-239-3914.  The Rotary Club is asking bidders to make minimum bids of at least 50% of the listed value for the items.  Some items may carry a higher minimum, which will be indicated in the supplement.  Bids will be taken in whole dollar increments to assist programming and tracking of bids.

Individuals calling in give the Rotarian on the phone the item number they are bidding on and the amount of their bid along with their name and phone number.  The bids are then posted on a board.  They are subsequently taken to the on-air auctioneers who will read the bids and indicate if they are high, low or even.  The auction room is located in Watson Hall and the public is welcome to visit.   Bids can be placed from the auction room until 3 minutes before the close of each half hour.  No bids are accepted from the auction room after the 3-minute bell has been rung.

Successful bidders can pick up their items at the auction storeroom sponsored this year by the Katahdin Valley Health Center.  The storeroom is also located at Watson Hall in the Episcopal Church on Main Street.  The storeroom is open daily during the auction from 9:00am to 10:00pm and is open the three days following the auction.  Specific hours are listed in the auction supplement.  All items should be picked up by the close of the storeroom on Saturday, November 27th at 1:00pm.  The storeroom phone number is 521-2979.

Members of the local Rotary club run all aspects of the auction including serving as on-air auctioneers.  The Rotarian auctioneer schedule is as follows: Monday, 6:00, Scott Dionne & Scott White; 6:30, Paul Adams & Marguerite Lawler; 7:00, Tammie Mulvey & Andy Mooers; 7:30, Joyce Fitzpatrick & Matt Nightingale; 8:00, Dana Delano & Jon McLaughlin; 8:30, Torrey Sylvester & Forrest Barnes; 9:00, Tony Bowers & Chris Anderson; 9:30, John Tribou & Elizabeth Dulin; 10:00, Ryan Bushey & Steve Nelson; Tuesday, 6:00, Tammie Mulvey & Fred Grant; 6:30, Tony Bowers & Elizabeth Dulin; 7:00, Marguerite Lawler & Max Lynds; 7:30, Matt Nightingale & Andy Mooers; 8:00, Tom Moakler & Tammie Mulvey; 8:30, Jon McLaughlin & Dana Delano; 9:00, Scott Dionne & Scott White; 9:30, Torrey Sylvester & Forrest Barnes; 10:00, John Tribou & guest auctioneer Joe Fagnant; Wednesday, 6:00, Tom Moakler & Elizabeth Dulin; 6:30, Tammie Mulvey & Tony Bowers; 7:00, Torrie Sylvester & Forrest Barnes; 7:30, Elizabeth Dulin & Jim Brown; 8:00, Andy Mooers & Jon McLaughlin; 8:30, Frank Thompson & Fred Grant; 9:00, Dana Delano & Lori Weston; 9:30, Butch Asselin & Ryan Bushey; 10:00, Scott White & Scott Dionne.

Also part of the annual auction is the Boy & the Boot Endowment Program. Individuals may call in during the auction to pledge a Boy & the Boot statue.  The pledge represents a $1,000 contribution to the endowment fund of the Houlton Regional Health Services Foundation, which benefits local healthcare.  Some businesses also offer payroll deduction programs for the pledges.  At the completion of the pledge, the contributor receives a limited edition pewter replica of the Boy with the Leaking Boot Statue.

Another giving opportunity is being offered again this year.  Individuals will be able to call in during the auction to sponsor an auditorium seat to help provide new seating for the Houlton Community Arts Center project.  One seat can be sponsored for a $300 pledge.  Two seats can be sponsored by a $550 pledge ($275 each).  Three seats or more can be pledged at $250 each.  All sponsors will be recognized by name plaques on the seats and a recognition plaque in the facility.

In addition, $500 worth of #2 fuel oil donated by Dead River Company will be given away during the auction.  Tickets for the fuel oil are available from any Rotarian and will be available at the auction.  Tickets are $1.00 each or books of 6 for $5.00.  The fuel oil will be delivered anywhere within the Houlton-Patten Dead River district.  The drawing will be held during the final night of the auction

The Houlton Rotary Club extends its thanks to all of the generous businesses and individuals who contributed items to this year’s auction and encourage the public to call in and enjoy the auction by bidding on the many items available.

Further information on the Rotary Radio & TV Auction is available by contacting auction chair Scott Dionne, club president Scott White or any member of the Houlton Rotary Club.

Cheap Log Cabin

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Cheap Log Cabin

Did we say “cheap“?  We actually mean affordable!  Last year we auctioned off a Ward Cedar Log Home Musquash Model Camp – 20′ X 32′ Pre-Cut- 6 X 8 Wall Logs and related materials – valued at $13,450 for $8,100!  That’s a savings of 40%!! Now that’s a cheap bargain!!


This year, we will be auctioning off another Musquash Log Cabin (valued at $13,990) donated by Ward Cedar Log Homes and this could be your year to purchase this outstanding log cabin cheaper than any other option available today.

The 2009 Auction Will be Held
November 23rd, 24th and 25th
6:00 PM – 10:30 PM, Nightly

Watch Online
Anyone in the USA Can Bid!

Musquash Log Cabin Floor Plans

The log cabin has an open floor plan and sleeping lofts, suggesting a return to the “simple life”. The Musquash offers a large front porch so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors.

Log Cabin Artist Rendering

Cheap Log Cabin can be yours!

Cheap way to buy this quality log cabin!

Log Cabin – Floor Plans – 1st Floor

Musquash Log Cabin - Floor Plans - 1st Floor

Musquash Log Cabin - Floor Plans - 1st Floor

Log Cabin – Floor Plans – Loft

Musquash Log Cabin - Floor Plans - Loft

Musquash Log Cabin - Floor Plans - Loft

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the package?

  • Pre-cut and numbered 6 x 8 style solid “camp grade” log walls
  • Caulking, backer rod, foam seal strip and spikes
  • Window and exterior door frames and trim packages
  • Log wall support posts and hardware
  • Porch support posts
  • Log siding to cover
  • Floor-framing system
  • Solid log gables, not pre-cut.

Can the log cabin be shipped?

Yes! Shipment can be arranged anywhere in the United States directly through the manufacturer.  The lucky bidder of this log cabin will be given all of the contact information on how to receive their prize!  Shipping costs are not included in the final price.

Who can bid on the log cabin?

Anyone!  Our auction runs from Monday, November 23rd through Wednesday, November 25th 2009 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM each night.  People from all over the United States bid on our log cabin annually.  The entire auction can be viewed from our website.

How do I participate in the auction?

It’s easy!  During the auction you can watch us online right on this website!  You can call in your bid to the following numbers:

An operator will ask you for your name, telephone number, item number and bid.  We don’t have the item number yet for the log cabin, but we will soon.  If you’re not from the area let us know, we like to announce where callers are from if from different parts of the country!

All bids are announced on the air and winning bid numbers broadcast live and are also visible online.

On Wednesday, November 25th at 10:30 PM Eastern time you will have an extra 15 minutes to bid on the log cabin.

What forms of payment do you accept for the log cabin?

For regular auction items we accept cash and check; however, for the log cabin we will accept cash, check, credit card and we can even take your payment through PayPal.

Houlton Rotary Club Prepares for 54th Annual Auction

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Houlton Rotary Auction Board 2009

Houlton Rotary Auction Board 2009

With autumn in the air, the preparation for Houlton’s Annual Rotary Auction commences.  Last year, area businesses and individuals generously contributed over 1,100 items to this essential fundraising event.  The auctioning of donated items, combined with additional auction revenue yielded over $25,000 which the Rotary Club gave back to the community and used to fund a variety of worthwhile causes.

This year’s 54th annual auction will again run three days: November 23rd through 25th.  Proceeds are earmarked for the Little League’s Field of Dreams Project, Southern Aroostook Minor Hockey Association (SAMHA) for equipment upgrades, Dollars for Scholars programs in Houlton, Hodgdon, Southern Aroostook, East Grand and GHCA, Cary Library, Salvation Army, Student Recognition Day, and the Rotary Club’s Student Exchange Program.

Throughout the past few weeks, Rotarians were in the community looking for donations from area businesses and artisans.  All donors will receive recognition in a supplement to the Houlton Pioneer Times that hits the public in the weeks just before the auction.  Additional recognition comes when donors give items ranging from $100.00 to $250.00; these items are listed as nightly specials.  Those items worth more than $250.00 are listed as 3-Night Specials, and the donor receives recognition each night of the auction.  The Houlton Rotary Auction will once again be broadcasted on the radio, television and an internet stream on our web site http://houltonrotary.org/.  Please don’t miss this opportunity to participate with a donation today or with a bid in November!

Thank you for your continued support to make our community a better place to live and work!

How To Read the ‘Tote Board’

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So, you’ve found the online Tote Board – Congratulations!  This new feature will allow you to know what the current bid is for all of your favorite items – even BEFORE we announce them on the air.

When a bid comes in we update the tote board so that people answering the phones can see the current bid.  At Watson hall the tote board is projected from a computer onto a big screen for everyone to see.  Now, you can see it from the comfort of your own home.  Why is this important? Well, if you’re watching the screen you can know within 20 seconds if you have been outbid.  In previous years you either had to wait and hear the bids announced on air OR called in to get an update.

Great, so how do I read the Tote Board?

The image below will show you everything that you need to know:

tote board

Okay, what else do I need to know?

The Tote Board webpage will automatically update the image every 20 seconds (whenever a new image is available) so please DO NOT KEEP HITTING THE REFRESH BUTTON on your browser.  This will only slow the process down and delay your ability to see the image.

Also, from time-to-time, the image may disapear and be replaced with an X.  DO NOT PANIC!!!  It will go away during the next refresh.

Happy Bidding!

Have fun, bid often, bid high and be sure to take advantage of the Online Tote Board!

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