BINGO, April 9, 2015, St. Anthony’s Hall, St. Mary’s Church, 6:30 p.m.

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7TH ANNUAL BINGO NIGHT BY HOULTON ROTARY CLUB. THE DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 P.M. FOR THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL AT ST. ANTHONY’S HALL IN HOULTON WHICH IS THE DOWNSTAIRS AT ST. MARY’S CHURCH ON MILITARY STREET. THERE WILL BE OVER $1000.00 IN CASH PRIZES AWARDED. Sponsorships are available at $100.00 each. The event chairman for the Houlton Rotary is Matthew Nightingale who can be reached at 521-3200. Checks for sponsorship can be mailed to the Houlton Rotary, P. O. Box 425, Houlton, Maine 04730 PROCEEDS WILL BE USED FOR THE ROTARY’S YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM.

NEWS: There will also be a drawing for a $50 certificate from the names of those who bring in donations for the Houlton Animal Shelter. Items that have been suggested are:

Any soap products, i.e. laundry, dish, hand, bleach

Paper products such as paper towels and copier paper

Garbage bags sized 13 # and 39#

Animal feed for cats, dogs and rabbits and Treats either canned or dry

Youth Exchange 2014-2015

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DSC_0041Left to right: Hannah Jacobs, Emily Mooers, Sarah Abbotoni, Keegan Fitzpatrick and Rotarian Youth Exchange Officer Dana Delano

Houlton Rotary recently welcomed their 2014 youth exchange students Sarah Abbotoni and Emily Mooers to learn about their International Youth Exchanges last summer and to meet the 2015 youth exchange students, Keegan Fitzpatrick and Hannah Jacobs.

Sarah Abbotoni is a recent graduate of Houlton High School and is now a student at the University of Maine.  She experienced her exchange in Biella, Italy, a community in the northern mountain region.  “I had a wonderful time with my host sister, Carola and her family.  We explored many areas of Italy, from the beautiful mountains to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea”, stated Sarah. “The food, the culture, and the people were unforgettable”.   Sarah visited the famous cities of Milan, Pisa, and Rome.  She loved the historical architecture, including the Vatican, the leaning tower of Pisa and the famous Roman Coliseum.    Carola enjoyed Maine lobster, toasting marshmallows and attending a Boston Red Sox game.  Sarah was so moved by the experience, she is taking Italian language courses at college.  Sarah is the daughter of Daryl and Heidi Abbotoni.

Emily Mooers is a senior at Houlton High School and experienced her exchange in Sinabelkirchen, Austria, a small town south of Vienna.  “I truly enjoyed my exchange sister Mady, and her family.  ”, stated Emily.   “Austria is so beautiful and rich with history and culture.    I saw amazing castles, churches and even a clock museum.”  Although the food was very different then what we have here in Maine, she tried it all and reported the ice cream was ‘awesome’.  “We also took a trip to Venice, Italy, which was very exciting to visit personally” exclaimed Emily.   Mady was excited to visit New Year City only to find it to be ‘overrated’, but enjoyed Boston and Harvard University’s campus.   She also loved Maine and had a blast waterskiing on Drew’s Lake.  Emily is the daughter of David and Nancy Mooers.

Houlton Rotary is pleased to introduce Keegan Fitzpatrick and Hanna Jacobs as their 2015 youth exchange students.  Keegan is a senior at Houlton High School and is the son of Brady Fitzpatrick and Jessica Fitzpatrick.  Hannah Jacobs is a sophomore at Houlton High School and is the daughter of Dan and Stephanie Jacobs.  Both students have an interest in Spain, however, The Netherlands and Italy are also being considered.

For over 75 years, students and host families have broadened their horizons through Rotary Youth Exchange. More than 80 countries and over 8,000 students each year participate in the program, which is administered at the regional level by Rotary districts and at the local level by Rotary clubs.  This program was established in the Houlton Rotary Club in 2003.   It is the objective of this program to advance the knowledge and world understanding of these students, as well as to foster world peace and good will at a personal level.  Dana Delano, Houlton Rotary’s Youth Exchange Officer states: “Sarah and Emily have been wonderful ambassadors of the Rotary Club, our community and Houlton High School.  We hope this experience has broadened their knowledge and interest in different cultures.  They have each certainly made a new lifelong friend”.


Rotary Bingo

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DSC_0003-1 (2)

Rotary Meeting 03/31/2014 we played Bingo, practicing up for our annual fundraising event that took place the following  Thursday. Everyone had a great time and are now much more familiar with how to play and the rules.

Rotary Youth Exchange at Rotary

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On Monday, March 7th, Kim Levesque presented a photo program to the Houlton Rotary Club of her trip to the Netherlands .  During the summer of 2010, Kim was a Rotary exchange student and visited Amsterdam and Paris during her exchange.  She told of the things she saw, what she did, the food she ate and many more exciting things during her trip.  At the end of the presentation, she thanked the Rotarians for the opportunity of this trip…..she will never forget it!!!

Pictured left to right:
Dana Delano, Student Exchange Chairman
Kim Levesque, 2010 Exchange Student
Abby Kinens, 2011 Exchange Student
Ally Carmichael, 2011 Exchange Student

Youth Exchange 2010

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On June 14th, Houlton Rotary welcomed Lise-Lotta Hagqvist, an exchange student from Kangasala, Finland.  Lise-Lotta will be residing with Chelsi Murray, a senior at Houlton High School, for the next four weeks, experiencing our culture and traveling the country.  In July, Houlton Rotary will fund Chelsi Murray’s trip back to Finland with Lise-Lotta where Chelsi will enjoy a four-week exchange. Each year, Houlton Rotary funds exchange trips for up to three area students.  In the photo (left to right), Chelsi Murray, Lise Lotta Hagqvist, John Tribou, Rotary President, and Dana Delano, Youth Exchange Officer.

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